5) Redwoods – 07/09/2017

When I arrived at  Redwoods National Park I stopped by the ranger station to learn a little about the park and get a back-country permit for backpacking. After discussing a few possibilities I settled on a combination of the Tall-Trees to Emerald Ridge and Redwood Creek Trail loop to give me a total of about 7 miles of hiking. I recorded the first 40 minutes of the hike on my GoPro where I descended the hillside to the creek bed among the tallest trees in the world:

The hike continued along the gravel bars of the creek bed which presented a challenge as the water level was low, but not enough for a clear walk-able path. After spending a significant time trying to stay dry I slipped off a downed tree and soaked myself up to my waist in water. Since the damage was done I simply trudged the rest of the way through the water.

Once I found the return trail head (seen above) I hiked another 1/4 mile past it on the gravel bars to make camp for the night. Fires are permitted in this particular part of the park which was fortunate as my shoes and socks needed drying. After making dinner I slung up my food bag and climbed in my hammock to sleep.

The next morning I broke camp and hiked back to the return trail head and began the march back up the hillside through the forest.

The serenity of the forest made it easy to get lost in thought and I found myself going over the events that led me to this particular place and time. I had worked through the anger and rage that had almost consumed me over how things had happened, but I still hadn’t let go of it all completely. I simply couldn’t understand why. It was here while deliberating with myself I concluded I would probably never get the answers to these questions I had been asking myself for months and realized that in order to move on I would need to let go completely. This meant forgiving those that had hurt me so badly, so I did. I made up my mind that no matter what they had done to me I still loved them and nothing was going to change that.

Once I got back to my car and changed I decided to drive the Drury Scenic Parkway en route to my next and final hike. I recorded the drive which can be seen below:

For my final hike in the Redwoods I chose Fern Canyon as one of my friends in Sacramento had recommended it to me. I was also informed that  scenes from Jurassic Park (The Lost World) were filmed here due to the ancient species of ferns that call it home. Some date back over 325 million years! Fern Canyon is located in Prairie Creek, the drive to which passes by the meadows near the visitor center. I stopped here to take a few pictures of the deer grazing in the meadow:


Fern Canyon itself did not disappoint, walking between walls 30ft high covered in lush green vegetation made me feel like I was walking back in time. Along the way there were several places where water came dripping down the sides of the cavern:

I recorded the hike in 4K on my GoPro which can be seen in the video below:

I finished the Fern Canyon hike as the sun started setting and decided to drive up Bald Road to the ridge of the mountainside in order to get some pictures of the sunset before leaving the park:

On a side note, these hiking videos were the first I had filmed in 4K on my GoPro which in this mode apparently does not have any video stabilization. I only learned this later when viewing the videos and was disappointing to see how much it affected the quality of the videos. To fix this I purchased a gimbal once I got back to Sacramento which helped keep camera movement to a minimum as will be seen in future posts of my hiking videos.

You can find more of my hiking and driving videos on my YouTube Channel and my full photo set for this park in my Redwoods Album


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