Lake Tahoe – Mt Tallac Fireworks

On the 4th of July 2017 I went to Tahoe National Forest to try and get a rare perspective of viewing fireworks from above. I was surprised at the beauty of this National Forest, having lived only a few hours from it for years, I wondered why it lay undiscovered by me for so long. After talking with the rangers I decided on Mt Tallac (elevation of 9738 feet) as it was prime height and viewing angle for the fireworks show that night.

My hike up the mountainside started late and my previous experience getting stuck in Pinnacles meant this time I was hiking with a full pack, intending to spend the night on the mountain a bit more comfortably this time.

Trying to make it to the peak before the fireworks started proved to be too difficult a task as even in July much of the trail was covered by snow in places.  I also stopped on several occasions to fill up my water bottle (the kind with built in filter) with cool spring water that abundant due to the melting snow.

As the final glow from the setting sun dissipated I found a comfortable spot on the cliff side that provided spectacular views of the lake below and ample room to cook dinner.


This was one of my first foray’s into filming at night time and unfortunately my GoPro couldn’t pick up the fireworks at from the distance I was located, however I was able to capture a good amount of photos with my Nikon. Below is a composite video of all the still pictures I took:


After the fireworks were finished I found a place to sling my hammock and let the wind rock me to sleep. I awoke just before sunrise and headed back to my perch from the night before. This was my morning view as I drank a cup of melted-snow coffee:


After finishing my coffee I broke camp and started working my way back down the mountain taking a slightly different path than the way I came up in order to get some good shots of the smaller lakes I had passed the day prior:

You can find my full photo set in my Lake Tahoe Album. Thanks for reading and for coming back as I post more!

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